Thursday, July 26, 2012

Girls Bedroom Make-over - Part 1: Curtains & Pillow Case

I wanted to make-over my daughter's room to show what large impact a little fabric can have in one room.

I was hoping to be finished in one week, but due to several trips to the pediatrician and the moked, I made very little progress. So we will make a two-part series. This week I made curtains and a snugly pillow case.

You will need for the decorative curtains:
Cost for both curtain panels: 64NIS
Tip: If you want to make wider curtains you should allow for at least 10% more than half of your window to calculate the width of your curtain. Always consider at least 1.5cm extra for seam allowance on each seam.

(Instructions are for the narrow, fabric saving version; please adjust accordingly if you make the wider version)

Cut a 1,10m piece of solid fabric parallel to the selvage in two equal halves. Cut a 25cm piece of print fabric in half by aligning the short selvage ends. Trim selvages. Iron all four pieces.
Align right on right the short end of the solid piece with the long end of the print piece and pin. Stitch along the raw edge with a 1/4" seam allowance, the finish the raw edge with zigzag and trim all threads. Iron the seam towards the print piece and top stitch.

Fold on the bottom of the print fabric 1/4" over and iron. Repeat to create a clean finished seam. Pin and stitch. I used a wide zig zag stitch to create a fun seam, but you can also use a straight stitch.

Seam the sides and the top using the same technique.

Fold over 7 cm on the top of the curtain panel. Iron, pin and stitch to secure the loop for your curtain rod. You can also use simple curtain clips. I bought mine at IKEA. It makes it easier for me to take down the curtain and wash it.
You might want to iron it before you hang it up.

You need for the pillow:
  • 55cm x 65cm Riley Blake Flannel - I used Woodland Tails Pink Dots (We are going to have soon a variety of flannels, please be patient :))
  • 55cm x 85cm Riley Blake Woodland Tails Pink Friends - I used my left over fabric and made a bid and a wash cloth. :)
This size will fit a standard 50cmx60cm IKEA pillow. BTW, the first time my daughter slept on her new pillow she got food poisoning and threw up all over it. I washed it at 60 degrees and it came out fine. Usually I wash my Riley Blake cottons at 30 degrees.
Cut out your pieces and iron them. If you can arrange to cut your Pink Friends fabric from the printed selvage, you could leave that on and use that as the seam for the inside piece.
The flannel will be the back of the pillow and makes a nice snugly winter side and the cotton is a cool summer side.
Seam one short side of the flannel and one short side of the cotton (if you are not using the selvage trick) using the technique from above.
Align your fabric pieces right on right matching the short ends on the right side. Your seams and / or printed selvage should be on the left side.

Fold the longer end of the cotton left on left so that you can see the right side of the fabric. Now you have an inside out pillow case. Back-stitch and the sew around the three sides that are not seamed. Clip to two corners and zig zag around it to finish the raw edge.
Turn inside out and enjoy your pillow case!

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At August 21, 2012 at 2:51 PM , Blogger LynCC said...

Hello from Colorado, USA (I found your blog at Quilting Bloggers). That really is a super sweet set. I love the little animals. I'm about to remake my daughter's room for her, although she is 15 and wants something entirely different from sweet pinks! It was nice to see what you've made.


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