Monday, August 27, 2012

Heart Pillow Project Israel Started

First of all, my apologies. I owe you the second part of the girl's bedroom make over and I wanted to update you on my quilt experiment. I promise I will try to get those out to you before the Chagim / High Holidays. But all of that got put on the back burner for two very important and urgent reasons:

1) Hofesh HaGadol - Summer Holiday for the kids and my two baby girls stayed home the past few weeks while my husband studied Hebrew in an intensive course. So, I had no time.

2) The Heart Pillow Project which we started a few weeks ago. And I wanted to update you on our great progress.

The Heart Pillow Project is a worldwide project that originated in the United States and helps breast cancer patients to recover from surgery. It helps to promote healing, lets the wound drain faster and it relieves pain but it also gives the woman a tremendous emotional support. A hand-made gift sends love and thoughts of hope and support. It is something soft to hold onto.

My mom has made about 750 heart pillows over the last three years for the German organization - you can read her blog (in German) here: So, when she was just visiting me in Israel, she agreed to demonstrate how to make and stuff them. She received a very generous donation of 80 pillow cases to get us started from two local heart pillow groups from Kiel ( and Weserbergland ( Thank you so much! It was so much appreciated.

 So my mom and I organized a get together to sew pillow cases and stuff the ones we got from Germany. We bought 50 IRMA pillows from IKEA and were so happy to host 9 women from 8 different nations who came together on August 24th and stuff the pillows. Within 3 hours we had 60 pillows finished.

What are we going to do with 60 pillows? We are going to hand them out  to hospitals to give to patients after their surgery. Recipients of the Breast Cancer Emergency Relief Fund (The Lemonade Fund - will also recive a pillow from us. And we are working with many more organizations to see how we can get the pillows to the women who need them.

Please support us by liking our Facebook Page!/HeartPillowProjectIsrael, by coming to our next event (will be posted on the Facebook page) or donating fabric or filling material.

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